Company foundation

Foundation with different English company forms.
DUNAMIS MIND is a trustworthy and professional law firm which can help you to form and establish an English company (as well as in selected other locations). The security you receive by contacting us can be seen on our page “DMK Law Firm”.

However, you may not yet be sure whether a foreign company is right for you and you may be wondering what the advantages are of using an English company (or at another location):

Benefits of a UK company:

  • Limited with permanent establishment in Germany / Austria / Switzerland
  • Limited & Co KG
  • Ltd with permanent establishment in London
  • PLC (Public Ltd Company)
  • LLP (Partnership)
  • Shelf company with VAT
  • UK holding company
  • Offshore profit transfer via a UK agency

The following company forms are available in the English legal area:

Limited Liability Companies
Limited company (here: private company limited by shares) is the term used in British company law for the most common type of unlisted companies. It is similar to the German GmbH.

Limited Liability Partnerships
LLPs combine the economic advantages of being legal entities with the flexibility and tax status of a partnership.

A PLC is a limited (liable) company whose capital shares can be freely sold and publicly traded. A PLC may be unlisted or listed on a stock exchange.

Unlimited Companies
An unrestricted company or private unrestricted company is a hybrid company form (corporation) either with or without share capital (similar to the form of limited company), but where the legal liability of the partners or shareholders is not limited.

We can set up an unlimited company for you individually defined.

DUNAMIS MIND offers the following services in this area:

  • Company formation of your English company
  • Support in the legal management of your company (see company law)
  • Support in the management of your company
  • Support with your tax planning

We look forward to hearing from you for further information and advice in these areas.