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Dunamis (ancient Greek: δύναμις) is an academic term in the philosophical concept of potentiality and actuality. Potentiality and actuality are principles of a dichotomy that Aristotle used to study movement, causality/originality, ethics and physiology in his writings on natural philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and De Anima (On the Soul).

Potentiality and potency are translations of the ancient Greek word Dunamis.

The Latin translation is “potentia”, which is the root of the German word Potential.

Dunamis is a common Greek word for possibility or potential/potential. Depending on the context, it can be translated as “potency/power”, “potential”, “ability/capacity”, “ability”, “strength”, “force”, “possibility”, “power”. It is the root of the modern words “dynamic”, “Dynamite” and “Dynamo.

The term Dunamis is also commonly used from the original Greek New Testament text of the Bible. There, Dunamis is always used when talking about God’s miracle-working power, which is inherent in the divine nature of human beings and enables them to perform abilities beyond their own strength up to miracle-working power.

Josef Thayer’s Greek-English Encyclopedia of the New Testament (Hendrickson Publishers, 1996, Massachusetts, USA), which is considered one of the best encyclopedias of the New Testament, lists the following

Meanings for Dunamis:

strength, power, ability

  • Inherent force; force naturally inherent in a thing or which exerts and produces a person or thing
  • Ability to work wonders
  • Moral strength and excellence / goodness of soul
  • Power and influence in connection with prosperity, wealth and property
  • Power, strength and resources that come from the assembly, the multitude
  • Strength, power, which consists in or is based on armies, armed forces, heavenly hosts

You can see that Dunamis is a quite powerful meaningful term that we have combined with Mind.

Like Aristotle in his idea of potentiality in the form of the possibility inherent in a thing at best, we emphasize the importance of those who become real out of themselves when the conditions are right, and nothing stops them.

In our mission statement we claim that our consulting is determined by a mind with the potential, capacity, power, strength, ability and dynamism to achieve extraordinary performance – this is an essential part of our DME – DunamisMind expertise.

As a personal delicacy we would like to add that in one of London’s primary schools there is a little sweet lady on the way who answers to the name Dunamis.