The current business and tax environment in England

Here we give a list of the strong and weak points of the business environment in England based on our consulting experience.

+ The commercial register is kept independently and online, without long procedures and the need for a notary

+ The corporate income tax rate for companies is 19% since 05.04.2017; according to the current situation, it is planned to reduce the rate to 17% from 05.04.2020

+ There is no trade tax in the UK. However, it should be noted that there is a local business rates on office space. These can quickly become a significant cost factor (large office, warehouse)

+ Social security contributions for employment or self-employment are lower than in Germany, for example

+ The tax assessment procedure is lean and uncomplicated

+ The processing with the tax authorities also takes place predominantly online

+ No suspicious, anti-business attitudes in public offices and public authorities

? Uncertainty about BREXIT

? According to Theresa May, plans are now beginning to raise taxes to combat the enormous deficit in the National Health Service. Currently there is no information on what taxes might be affected and to what extent

– The banking service can be described as poor, with predominantly long processing times and often inattentive, uncoordinated and poorly trained clerks, despite their best efforts

– The processing in authorities, public offices and certain service companies (gas, electricity, water, telephone, banks) often appears indifferent, inattentive with clearly limited expertise