DMK The Firm

We at DUNAMIS MIND see the same dissatisfaction, delays and failures with providers who offer the formation of Ltd / Limited, LLP and other UK and offshore companies through clients who switch to us and through our cooperation with German tax consultants and lawyers. We have built up our DME-DunamisMindExpertise over many years of advice and support in the field of company formation and tax consultancy, which enables you to make the best choice.

Consultation approach

We at DUNAMIS MIND attach great importance to an ongoing attentive and pro-active consultation and support of your business activities.

  • In particular, you will also receive ongoing advice on the design and processing of value-added tax as well as on accounting policy – all in German.
  • You will not receive a frivolous and blanket promise of concepts that will enable us to sell high-priced service packages quickly and that will only cause you trouble in the further course of time by causing delays or loss of service.

We at DUNAMIS MIND will show you potential hurdles, restrictions and safeguards, differentiate between what is desired and what is reasonably feasible and will provide you with a solid, well-founded solution. Consequently, you will not be confronted with unexpected additional costs for “repair” and supplementing the service at a later date.

Our advice is based on the view that a design is not already good if it merely remains unrecognised but has a certain substance in the case of review. Tax law advice is provided by us according to professional principles with qualifications and comprehensive knowledge of the various legal areas and countries concerned, as well as practical experience in dealing with the tax authorities.