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DUNAMIS MIND – Your tax expert in London. The tax firm for your business activities in the international environment of the UK and Ireland.

We are specialised in Company law and tax law for companies, businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs; we have long-standing experience in international tax law as well as in the British and Irish business environment. You have a reliable partner on location with us as experienced and responsible tax experts.

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Welcome to London and to the tax firm DUNAMIS MIND LTD. Our speciality is international taxation – tax planning using British and Irish companies and other business entities. Clients with DUNAMIS MIND use London or Dublin as entry to international business activities. DUNAMIS MIND supports with tax planning, realising the concepts during set-up and on-going tax advice – reliably and professional in every step. Our advice is professional, prompt, legally correct and with clear communication.

There is more about us and our DME – DunamisMindExpertise on the following pages.

We are looking forward to get to know you and to discuss your thoughts and questions on your business intentions!

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