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Formation of LTD, LLP etc.

We set up for you in England and Ireland, reliably, with know-how and responsibility:

• LTD: Limited Liability

• LLP: Limited Liability

• PLC: Public Limited

• LP: Limited Partnership
• Unlimited companies
See Trust & Offshore for more locations




We help with profound experience in

• Liquidating your company

• Reactivating your company
   with Companies House after
   a strike-off

• Extensive legal procedure of
   reactivation after voluntary
   strike off or by Court




Company law

We help with long-standing experience and high quality in all essential areas of company law

• Changes in share capital
• Draft of statutes, articles of

• Individual economic

• Reorganisations
   (e.g. merger)

• Company Secretary service



UK Tax Planning

Are you using your UK company as in UK resident owner?

We show you possibilities to optimise your UK tax as much as possible.



International Taxation

Your are not resident in the UK and/or you want to optimise the taxation on your business on an international level?

We show you suitable solutions to further improve your tax situation in using international locations and company structures.



Trust & Offshore

Are you interested in the topics:

• Offshore companies

• Trust, Foundation

• and how you could use a UK
   company as an offshore

We can help you on these topics professionally and on a high standard.




The Republic of Ireland is particularly interesting as business location.

Ireland's Pros are:

• A corporation tax rate of
   12.5% on trading profits,

• A business and legal
   environment very similar to
   the UK and

• Being part of the EURO
   currency zone.




EU cross-border merger

We have long-standing ex- perience in implementing EU cross-border merger.

We can handle the merger completely but we are also an efficient team player with you lawyer / tax advisor on 'the other side' of the merger.



 THE firm for YOUR business activities in the international environment of United Kingdom, Ireland and Offshore.

Do you want to place your business activities in an international environment in England, Ireland or offshore? We have long-standing experience in International Taxation and the British environment. You will have a reliable partner on the spot with us and our expertise, experience and responsibility.



Welcome to London

and to the tax firm Dunamis Mind Ltd. Our speciality is international tax consultancy – Tax Planning using the legal forms of Limited, Ltd, LLP, LP. The clients with Dunamis Mind use London as entry in international business, partly worldwide including offshore locations. Dunamis Mind provides with expertise reliable Tax Planning, company formation, Trust services, Tax Compliance and special areas. We advise in a clear and professional way, prompt and legally correct. Read more about us and the DME – DunamisMindExpertise on the following pages.

We are looking forward to get to know you and to discuss your thoughts and questions on your business intentions!

And if you think that your job is boring, please browse the page Latest News !

– Read e.g. on the eccentric dates of the British tax year or about   our name or how basic mistakes happen in international tax planning even on highest levels… –

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